Wednesday, March 19, 2008

scanning ERROR

Sorry for the scanning error in which ONE of my pics of me is UPSIDE DOWN. I scanned three pics together to save time on the shared computer and now cannot undo it, because I have limited Internet time to scan these pictures,and I have to share the computer with other people. Sorry. Just look at the other pictures of me. Thanks for understanding. Take Care, Iris

PIcs explained

The purse is made on the KISS loom. The other items are made on my round knitting looms. Yes, that's me in the pictures. Take Care, Iris (age 51).

New Photos of me and my (not for sale )crafts

Monday, March 3, 2008

New loom knit items for Poor People

NOT for sale.
Look at how "Baby" my cat (age 15) is "helping" me loom knit for charity.
I think he lost interest after a little while, though.
These are some baby and toddler hats I made for donating, FREE, to poor people in need, for their babies and toddlers. Enjoy!

Not for sale: charity crafts by me